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is like joe don from? >> the dialogue was very flowery even though the guy was suppose texas. he dt started watching a bunch d utube interviews with tennessee williams. >> you did? shock people. people who are shocked by the truth are undeserving of the truth. the truth is something that one must deserve. so i started pyiund with that and -- >> that's what's fun about acting, though, right? >> oh, yeah. >> when you firsthisw script, did you know immediately this was something you were going to be interested in? >> i thought they had made a mistake. but it's happened to me before. i've gotten a script, and i read a role. i get really excited. they go oh, no, they want you to play the sheriff. i'm like, i'm not going to do that. but i was really excited because this is a chance for me to show audiences kind of where i came from. >> you mix it up so well in your career. you really do. that's what's so smart. the actor you love the most and haven't had a chance to work with yet? >> jack nicholson. >> come on, jack. jack watches us every morning. make a plea. >> come on, jack. the man w
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a national trend. several days of tax-free back to school shopping. georgia, massachusetts and texas are giving the state sponsored discount this weekend. connecticut will get it next weekend. earlier this month, a dozen other states took part. retailers are as delighted as consumers. >> shirt -- >> shirt. >> pants -- >> pants. >> shoes -- >> shoes. especially in this economy, every little bit helps. >> reporter: are you excited to go back? >> yeah. >> reporter: total sales could top $42 billion, and parents say every penny saved makes a difference. >> i looked forward to that growing up in texas as well. thanks for the story. >>> exciting news surrounding the centuries-old mona lisa mystery. who is the face on one of the most famous paintings in the world? the model for the masterpiece? scientists think her identity could be revealed through dna testing. here's abc's kirit. >> she appears larger from the left -- >> reporter: the clue to unlocking one of art's biggest secrets is so ground breaking, you might expect to find tom hanks from "the da vinci code" on the scene. instead it's
he had a crush on her. >> reporter: detectives are following leads from texas to canada and mexico. thanks in part to the first statewide amber alert issued to all california cell phones. >> you bring her back. >> reporter: this community near san diego hold out hope for hannah's safe return. >> dimaggio is believed to be driving the blue nissan versa, he may have ditched the car for another one. they're searching every tip that comes into their office. john, diana. >> thank you. now to texas, a day-long interruption in the military trial of the man admits carrying out the fort hood shooting rampage. army major nidal hasan, representing himself. stand by attorneys objected. they told the judge, hasan is putting up no defense in order to getxecuted. >> their job is to represent their client and prevent him from getting the death penalty. their perception is that is something he in fact wants. >> reporter: hasan said attorneys are twisting the facts. he did not elaborate. was not allowed to plead guilty. the judge insisted keeping a legal team on stand by to make sure he gets a fair
is back in the news after an encounter with police in texas. kerry sanders is in forney, texas, just east of dallas. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt, it was a routine matter. george zimmerman was pulled over for speeding, but especially noteworthy, even to police, is zimmerman in his car was carrying a gun. george zimmerman was driving west on u.s. highway 80 in forney, texas, near dallas when he was pulled over for speeding. >> it's going to be a florida suv. >> reporter: zimmerman, who was found not guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter in the shooting death of trayvon martin, was quick to tell the officer that he had a gun in the glove compartment. >> where are you headed this evening? >> nowhere in particular. >> nowhere in particular? why do you say that? >> you didn't see my name? >> huh? >> you didn't see my name? >> uh-uh. >> reporter: the officer then looks down at zimmerman's license again. >> what a coincidence. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: just days after a florida jury found him not guilty, zimmerman was
this morning, and it was described as successful. it was done at the texas health presbyterian center. the former president remains hospitalized today but expects to be released tomorrow. aides say he will resume his schedule on thursday. he thanks everyone for the good wishes and suggested that everyone get a checkup. so the former president is doing well. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thanks so much for the update. >>> finally, a martial arts demonstration gone horribly wrong. take a look. this happened over in the u.k. the taekwondo master giving a demonstration in front of students and parents. no matter how hard he tries, he just can't break that board, but it gets worse. at one point he calls for two people to hold the board. when he finally gets it to hits a young spectator in the head, making her cry. poor thing. that guy was just having a very bad day. it's 12 minutes after the hour. you're up to date, guys. >> all right. thank you very much, natalie. >> you got it. >> are you tweeting? >> no, i was trying to do something. well, there's some breaking news th
that he used except for the time with the texas rangers. >> that one time, yeah. >> but they apparently have so much. i mean, come on. they've got so much evidence. >> i still remember when he did the interview with katie on "60 minutes" and she asked him point-blank, have you been using performance enhancing drugs and he said no. and it was one of those straight-up. he looked right at her and said no. but when you look at him his head nodded yes. it was like "no." usually your non-verbal breaks through. i think if you realize what you lost as you sit there at this moment -- >> well, you count the cost. obviously he's not going to miss $34 million because he's a very, very wealthy man. but he has to wonder was it worth it. >> the guy who picks me up in the morning says if i ever had had any great opportunity like that, i would follow every rule. it was just very basic. like i would do everything just right. if someone gave me the privilege of doing what he is allowed to do, i would make sure i never broke a rule because he would feel that privileged and lucky to have that. >> you know h
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? >> absolutely, we do. yeah. >> childhood friends? >> sean and i went to the university of texas together. >> in austin, which is party town. >> yes, of course it was. >> well, we partied 20 years ago. >> we used to chase girls together and then i moved away and i moved back. we reconnected because now we're chasing girls but it's because one of them won't put their pants on to go to school. >> those girls. >> is there a stigma? you guys were at the bus stop picking your kids up. you are stay-at-home dads. how do the moms treat you? >> i've done this for ten years, so i like to say that i've seen it in ten years go from creepy to cool. >> you were the only guy there, you were afraid to get out of the car because -- >> i would wait in my car until another dad came up so i wouldn't walk out on a park alone -- >> and look like a pedophile. >> creepy guys standing around. >> thanks. >> oh, it's you. >> kathie lee is my publicist now. >> the first time i saw rick i actually did call the cops, so that's -- it's a common mistake still. >> but is there a stigma, you guys? do you feel with stay-at
. [ applause ] >> all right. our second lady is esther martinez. she is 66. and from new braumsfeld, texas. she's been thinking about changing her look. when we ambushed her on the plaza, she decided to take a chance. what a woman. let's hear. >> esther's flipping out. we're going to talk to her husband, ignacio. why do you want this for her? >> it's something different that i -- i would never imagine that would happen. >> right. and it did. all right. esther, can you try to put this into words or still speechless? >> speechless. no. it's a great adventure to be here and now to get picked, it's even greater to be here. >> all right. are you ready for a whole new wife? i should say a different looking wife? >> yes. >> he's a smart hubby. he waited on that one. >> okay. she's here with ignacio, her husband and sister-in-law, teresa. >> and a big bunch of people. >> three people that none of us have ever seen before. let's take one last look at esther before. and let's bring out the new esther. yes! ♪ i'm every woman [ cheers ] >> wow! >> i love that. >> love it. >> all right. everybody take off
. >>> the mass murder trial of army major nidal hassan is scheduled to resume at ft. hood, texas, it was delayed a day after he's trying to seek the death penalty. mark potter is in killeen, texas, with the latest. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this boils down to a big disagreement for tactics between the defendant, major hasan and the army defense team assigned to help him. although major nidal hasan is acting as his own attorney, he has a stand by team of military lawyers. they're trained in defending death penalty cases. on wednesday, a member of the team believes hasan is trying to get the death penalty and they should not be required to take part. the attorney said, working in concert with the prosecution to achieve the death sentence is something we cannot do. >> they say their role as defending their client and they believe that their client is going down the wrong path. the one that inevitably leads to a death sentence. >> hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. the rampage shooting at ft. hood nearly four years
. not at the stadium in atlanta. remember the one, involving josh hamilton, texas rangers, tossed the ball up into the stands. a dad reaching for it went right over the rail. the son witnessed it. >> died in front of his son. really sad. this one we don't know the details. it was rainy. a rain delay. that's all the information that we have right now. we don't know what the particulars are. >> don't know if alcohol was involved. one thing they'll look at. >> don't know if alcohol was involved, or rainy, slipped and fell. it is tragic for the man and his family. >> no doubt. the guilty verdict against former boston mobster, james "whitey" bulger, his attorney says bulger plans to appeal his convictions that were carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. abc's gio benitez has the the details. >> reporter: james "whitey" bulger unflinching, justice a long time coming especially for the families of the 11 people he killed. >> after 31 years, after a lot of fbi cover-ups, deceits and lies, we finally have somebody guilty in the murder of my father. >> reporter: a former mobster once said, whitey bulger c
, vice president joe biden at his son's side in texas this morning as doctors try ttermine what caused beau biden to become disoriented and weak. we'll have the latest. >>> and freeway scare. a car burst into flames on a los angeles road. inside, the legendary actor dick van dyke. >> it just startsed making a noise. i thought it had a flat first and then it started to smoke and then it burned to a crisp. >> now he has a used car for sale real cheap. "today," august 20th, 2013. >> good morning everyone. happy tuesday. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer along side al roker and natalie morales. dick van dyke keeping that trademark sense of humor. could have been a really scary situation. >> the imagines are so scary but if he is smiling about it and making jokes then it's okay for to us smile, too. so happy he's okay. >> we'll have more on that in a little while. >>> meantime new developments tied to the ongoing saga tied to yankee star alex rodriguez. his attorneys are preparing a lawsuit now against the team doctor. we'll have details on that in a moment. >>> but let's begin this t
back to school, one 11-year-old in texas won't be starting middle school with kids his age. he's starting his freshman year at texas christian university. he's the youngest to walk the campus. >> reporter: it is always impressive to see an 11-year-old play a piano like an accompli accomplished adult, even if his feet can't reach the pedal. as school gets under way, carson may find little time for piano practice. >> calculus one, physics one, history and religion. >> reporter: at 4'7" and 75 pounds, he's a freshman at texas christian university. his major? physics. >> it's the quantum physics, which is what's interesting to me about physics. >> reporter: carson is the youngest student at tcu. i want to be a doctorate, ph.d. >> reporter: it's not only extraordinary, it can be a problem on all those college forms. >> he was completely off the grid when it came to even the most basic of things like completing an application or financial aid form. the date of birth, the forms would not accept his application. >> he loves to learn. >> reporter: he was home schooled until 5. >> by age
than texas. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> a lot. >> what grade are you heading into little lady? >> second. >> is the teacher ready for you. >> yes, sir. >> we'll see. we'll see. troublemaker. well, let's see about your forecast as we go throughout the day today. now this weather pattern has been stuck for awhile now. it's sizzling hot in texas but the temperatures are cool. i'm starting to wonder has the beach season ended in the great lakes. temperatures are still well below average up there. remember the heat wave from you a few weeks ago? at night we have been in the 50s. it's like a taste of fall in new england and the great lakes but texas and the deep south and southwest summer is in >>> 7:37. happy monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have low decks spanning all the way inland, school ocean air transported off the pacific today. it means beautiful conditions. more of the same. if you liked yesterday, you're going to like today. 76 in santa teresa, 75 degrees on the way to san jose. if you're missing the hot summer days, we are going to see the heat return, b
starting to dissipate a bit into northern texas. we are looking at some toasty conditions in denver. high today of 95 degrees. 74 in san diego. your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. you have to stay humble... like me! aaaaaaaah-ha-ha-hiiiiiiy! fly into target for everything planes. >>> 7:10 on wednesday morning. good morning i'm meteorologist christina loren. back to school for san jose unified school district. the a warm day here, 77 at noon. 87 at 4:00 p.m. prepare little ones for the heat, water bottles and the spf 30 plus. 79 fremont. 9 pa on the way to livermore. we keep that summer heat going everysingle day this week. heat cranks up sunday into tuesday. >>> and that's your latest weather, savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. we're learning more about hannah anderson's abduction ordeal and the information is coming from the 16-year-old herself. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. you could say it's a virtual news conference on a website that allows anyone to post questions on a user's page. while authorities and the family have not said it's indeed
prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ [ male announcer ] when not treated properly, your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. ♪ >>> we have been in l.a. for a number of days. and we couldn't score a real tan so why not fake it >> in this case faking it is actually a good thing. here to show you how to get a gorgeous glow is jenny from sun kissed by jenny. >> is it true that people look thinner with a tan? >> yes. completely. 100%. more defined, kind of slim lines your legs. >> but you have to be worried about the orange -- a lot of people when they have those tans look orangey. >> doesn't matter how thin they are. if you're orange, it's weird. >> awful. less is more. you do not need a lot. >> let's mix jesse up.
making their way into the pacific northwest. heat continues through texas with much of texas baking with hundred plus readings. beautiful day in >>> 8:06. this beautiful stretch of summertime weather is going to continue today. good morning, meteorologist christina loren, a live look at the bay bridge, mostly cloudy conditions here, temperatures running nice and mild at san jose, 79 degrees, 76 today in fremont where we are kicking off the fremont festival of the arts 1590 a.m. conditions are going to be comfortable out there today, getting into the next couple of days, we actually drop you off, both saturday and sunday, the cooldown continues into next week. hope you have a fantastic weekend. >>> and that's your latest weather. back to carson and savannah. >> thank you. coming up next, how the death of cory "montieth" will be dealt with on "glee." we have new details. >>> we'll wrap up our lessons on how not to be awkward with the meet and greet. how to employ that uncomfortable hug. >> a live concert with the band perry. but first these messages. okay, a? b? b. a? that's a great
in texas. heat advisories and heat warnings from mississippi up into arkansas, oklahoma, texas. it's not just the air temperature, but the feels like temperature, and it says it will feel like 108, and 107 in shreveport. but you get here in the 70s in new england. 60s in the up of michigan and on into northern minnesota. 90s interior sections of the pacific northwest. the two risk areas for severe weather both in the central plains and also upper midwest and the heat continues on into parts of new mexico. but gorgeous in los angeles today. sunshine, 75. >>> 7:34 on wednesday morning. cloudy start to the day over the go bridge. we have a lot of high and mid levelle clouds, not a lot of fog. updated all morning long. what is going to happen, we'll see the westerly flow, cool ocean air inland. enough of the wind so a fog isn't much of a factor even later tone when it rolls in. 58 degrees in san francisco. 72 in san jose 74 santa teresa. finally seasonal averages monday. >> al, thank you very much. this morning on rossen reports, a new crime targeting women at gas stations. thieves str
. back across. >> from dallas, texas. on the tv series 90210, best friends kelly taylor and brenda walsh each dated which guy? >> "c"? >> finally, somebody goes home with "scandalous." >> good, she's been waiting for you. look how happy she seemed. okay, so dylan mckay. the bad boy, tell us about that. >> i mean -- friends don't have to break up over guys, and if dylan mckay is on the offer, i think you should date him. >> he's the bad boy. who doesn't want him? >> irresistible. totally irresistible. >> back across. >> girl from alabama dying to lose so she can get my cd. finish this lyric from the 1996 spice girls song "wannabe." ♪ if you want to be my lover ♪ you got to get with my friends ♪ ♪ friendship lasts forever -- >> friendship never ends. >> she won the money. >> not the right key, but it was good. >> classic spice girl hit, hit of the '90s, and i love she can still sing it. we all can probably still sing it. >> almost all of us. i don't know if kathie can. back across. >> all right, from chicago. which tv best friends worked at shots brewery together, mary and rhoda, s
places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] harvey's i'm so happy you're home dance. that's real love. and so is giving him real tasty food. but some leading dog foods add sugar, or dyes, or artificial preservatives. [ dog whimpers ] but now there's new so good! from iams. with 100% real wholesome ingredients and none of those other things. now that's real love. so is that. new so good! see what's really in your dog's bowl at >>> so many wonderful kids today with such strong passion and talent. >> as parents we often wonder what our children will grow up to be and do and what we can do to nurture those talents or help our kids find them. >> how do you raise inspired kids? here with advice are michelle and mike. -- bruce fieler the author of the secret of families. once named father of the year, by the way. >> i was, actually. >> my kids don't respect it, but it did happen.
in texas is saying we love your kids but after 7:00, they're not welcome. another cafe owner in washington state got into hot water after posting a photo of the mess that kids left behind. we will tackle that debate later. >> a personal story as parents of young children. we have opinions. >>> plus, a look at the weekend entertainment including the latest on troubled actress amanda bynes and oprah winfrey says she was the victim of racism shopping in switzerland. >>> severe flooding battering reside residents across much of the nation's midsection. dylan, keeping your busy. >> it certainly is, erica. good morning. a big storm system is slowly making its way across the country and it's been dumping a lot of rain in a short period of time. in colorado it's claimed one life. this is what an hour's worth of heavy rain can do. flash floods taking out a string of cars on highway 24 near colorado springs. from the mountain west to the east coast and onto the south, severe storms over the past few days have led to at least three deaths and hundreds of homeless. the immense power of floodwaters bri
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york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ ♪ you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> in honor of today's "he said/she said," we put together a special panel of men and women to answer all your questions about relationships. first, jim carroll who shares marriage counseling duties with his wife elizabeth carroll. on we tv's marriage boot camp bridezillas. >> then comedian rick younger who brought along his wife. finally we get to meet her. actress and writer sheelie younger. >> wow. yes. so pretty. >> and next up, the divorced and now single bob. last, but not least, amy lauren. a relationship expert and single gal. >> okay, kids. are you ready? here's a facebook question from kate. here's the question. do guys really get jealous of the relationship their spouse has with their children? >> yes, absolutely. >> especially if your son is like our son. whoever he's having fun with when the other person shows up
. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ >>> normally it's the ladies who get the royal treatment. >> but let's take a look at one makeover that got a lot of play from the ladies. you know what i'm saying? >> good play on words. >> check it out. >> this is jimmy. jimmy's had long hair for 37 years since he got out of the navy. he never cut his hair. never. we've begged him. >> like mountain man. we love him. >> well, he went to see arsene for a trim. for a trim, he said. and look what he did. >> oh, jimmy! oh, my gosh. >> how do you feel about it, darling? >> i feel all
here in dallas, texas. first, let's check in with our friends in atlanta. what's up, guys? >> hey! >> what's up, dallas? >> big things are popping. duck dynasty is the biggest show on tv. big paycheck, and one of them could be the next president. >> oh, no. >> and y'all remember rob burgundy? does that name ring a bell? >> the leather-bound books? >> there you go. >> i love that man. he actually wrote a book, can you believe that? >> really. >> all by hself? >> also coming up, my man here, rapping of the week. turn up, man. >> i'm turned up right now. we've got gaga news. we've got the latest nudie pictures of lady gaga coming up. >> oh, man. >> plus, is it time for the hungry games? we have a hunger games star behaving very badly. >> ooh. >> we have got to kick things off with brooke and jubal in seattle. they've got really strange dish on miley cyrus. let's go! >> miley cyrus' song "we can't stop" is hugeon the charts right now. especially her video where people are actually saying there's a conspiracy there. >> what conspiracy could be behind twerking? >> they sid miley cyrus i
things miss texas wants. >> that's right! >> i wear extensions, and they always cause me so many problems, but i tried the wen product for the first time today, and they took all the tangles out of them, they feel healthy and shiny, and they look wonderful. >> you'll probably tell me you have frizzy hair. it's--you don't have frizzy hair, it's what you've been doing to your hair that's causing the frizz. think of your hair as an extension of your skin, and i guarantee you'll treat it much nicer. >> thanks to chaz, my hair is so full of volume, and so full of moisture. it's softer than my hair has ever been, i've never felt anything this soft. >> i can't believe i have this much volume and this much body. thank you so much, chaz dean. you've made my hair feel wonderful, you've made me feel wonderful, and we can't thank you enough to have you as a miss america sponsor. >> and with just one use with wen, you, too, at home can feel like miss america. >> i'm miss washington, and i'm a wen girl. >> i'm miss texas, and i'm a wen girl. >> i'm miss oregon, and i'm a wen girl. >> i'm miss wisconsin
at a rec center in texas. and the support she's receiving after this video went online and went viral. >>> let's start this morning with the first of the ocean's 16 to step forward. her name is susan nichol. she is part of that pool of maintenance workers that hit the powerball this week. this story, a huge blast of hope for a community that was hit very hard by superstorm sandy. and aditi roy is all over the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this lottery winner may be part of ocean 16. but she's on cloud nine. she revealed her identity to the public. and why she's not leaving her job just yet. this morning, we're hearing from one of ocean 16 for the first time, the county workers that won big in wednesday's $448.4 million powerball jackpot, has protected their anonymity until now. >> i'm still up in the clouds. >> reporter: new jersey native, susan nichols, says she wouldn't believe it when she and 15 fellow workers hit all five numbers and the powerball. >> my co-worker shook me. we did win. >> reporter: until friday night, the only thing we knew about the county government wor
might want to head to indiana. it's the luckiest state with 19 powerball wins. while texas, california, washington, vermont, main and north dakota have yet to hit the jackpot. after taxes, he has $60 million, and more than enough to relive the glory days. >> i used to have an accura. >> he said he is happy to put his kids through college, and college is expensive nowadays. >> yeah, helps to have a few million in the bank. >>> mr. roker back with the rest of the weather. >> yeah, we will check out the weather, and we are looking at strong storms in the midwest. wet weather moving in the northeast, and that is going to cause airport delays, and the heat continues down through the south, and in texas temperatures over 100, and hit and miss showers and thunderstorms down through southern florida. we will get to your local forecast in just 30 seconds. because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in you
quiet. cool in the north and very hot down in texas. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >>> and the day is getting started with some drizzle and low clouds into the east bay areas and as we go through the rest of the morning, some clearing at least well inland, but low clouds lingering through oakland through 10:00. in the afternoon, expect lots of clouds on the coast. another cool day in san francisco with 60s and 70s for most of the bay area. inland, still some low 80s. temperatures are going to run cooler for first hatlf of the week before trending warmer next weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks. >>> new information about the punishment facing new york yankees slugger, alex rodriguez. we have the latest on that. >> good morning. it was a different alex rodriguez who met with the media after a pair of minor league games. last night, he had a different tone. sources tell nbc sports that yankees star alex rodriguez will be suspended by major league baseball commissioner bud selig for the remainder of the 2013 season and
began her career in her hometown of dallas, texas, and now many projects later, recently landed a role on abc's gcb. >> who texted me? >> alexandria, i'm telling her to call child protective services, or whatever, because my parents don't care. >> what is for dinner? >> don't know yet. honey, quit messing up. >> it's about a group of women who are surrounded by church and their family and friends. and you kind of get to see them get into funny little schemes in dallas. it's really fun. i play jennifer ashton's daughter. i'm kind of a mean girl at first, but then i kind of become more like my mom and her a little more like me. >> mckinley is always searching for different ways to give back. her newest quest is working with habitat for humanity. >> so habitat, they build houses for people who don't have money to get a house on their own. and so today we're going to go out to a site and start getting the ground ready and hopefully i'll go back later and get to actually help finish and build a house. >> what is being built here? >> we are building veteran housing. going to be 12nits in all
it will rebuild the town of west texas, the town devastated in april when a fertilizer plant exploded, killing 15 people. damage is estimated over 100 million. that fema money will rebuild three schools lost in the blast. >>> finally one little pig went to market, one stayed home, one had roast beef, one i believe didn't have any, that pig had none and one met up with his friends and went crazy. >> now we're talking. >> check this out. this bunn. of biggies got loose when a truck overturn odd a chinese highway. the mess took an hour to clean up while traffic waited. two bottom lines here. one, not a kosher situation. >> oh! yeah! >> and number two, when you go to market, always get the roast beef. >> which one ran all the way home? >> the little one. >> the little one. >> all the way home. >> it's sort of like instead of herding cats it's like herding piglets. >> yes. something like that i guess. >> thank you. >> that was very funny. very funny. >> it was kosher. >> yours was better. >> dylan dreyer's out of the plaza. >> we have a the of people braving the rain. the rain is off and on. we have s
of your own, you might want to head to indiana. it's the luckiest state with 19 powerball wins while texas, california, washington, vermont, maine and north dakota have yet to hit the jackpot. as for white, he's taking the $86 million pay out which after taxes leaves him with 60 million. more than enough to relive the glory days. >> i used to have an accura in 1988. i love that little car. i'm buying that car. >> yeah, she going to buy that car but now he's happy to easily put his kids through college. college is expensive nowadays, savannah. >> suris. helps to have a few million in the bank. thank you so much. >> thanks katie. mr. roker back with the rest of the weather. >> that's right. we check out what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we're looking at strong storms in the midwest. wet weather in the northeast. that will cause airport delays. the heat continues down to the south. temperatures well over 100. heat continues in the pacific northwest. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms down through southern florida. we'll get to your local forecast in just 30 seconds. to f
is at costco in houston texas. good morning to you. >> matt and savannah, good morning. it's going to be 95 degrees here but if you're looking for pool toys or a beach towel, forget about that. they don't stock those right now. here is what you can buy. with 4 months until the holiday it's all about christmas. >> reporter: the lazy days of august, the sun, the surf, the trees, the tinsel? ♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> reporter: it maybe the dog days of summer but inside the nation's biggest retail stores there's a yuletide feel. 40% of americans admit to starting their holiday shopping before halloween but selling santa during bikini season? it's almost like the grinch stole summer. why so early? competition for holiday dollars is cut throat. retailers worry if they don't start now they'll lose out. >> they want to be the first place that consumers spend their money on getting into that holiday spirit even well in advance of the holiday season. >> take a look at costco. a front lawn frosty, rudolph, holiday wrapping and ribbon. >> everything is moving. >> hobby
rampage in fort hood texas. he says it was carried out to protect those abroad. now the jury will decide whether hassan should be executed or spend the rest of his life in prison. >>> from texas this morning, the chilling call to 911 from a boy home alone when burglars broke in. terrified and alone last tuesday, deion murdoch called police. >> they just broke the window ma'am. >> they just broke the window. what room are you in. >> my mother's room right now, please hurry. >> i am, stay on the phone with me. >> the dispatcher told him to lock himself in the closet. >> i'm going to have to whisper now because i think they're coming in. >> do you have weapons inside the closet. >> no, ma'am. please hurry. >> they are. they are. they're turning on your street. >> as police drew closer so are the intruders. they're in here. >> they're inside the room now. they're inside the bedroom where he is at. then dead silence for nearly a minute. are you there deion? just stay there. the officers, i think they're going to catch the guy. >> it sounds like there are multiple people. >> okay. be quite. th
, a touch cooler. > and that's your latest weather. matt?texas. janet, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. this outbreak is alarming because we generally don't see cases of measles anyone. now a concentration tied to this church led by a celebrity minister and his pastor daughter, who have been critical of vaccines in the past. this sprawling texas megachurch is the epicenter of the outbreak. >> today, lord, i thank you. >>> 16 cases have originated here. the youngest 4 months old. many home-schooled. officials say 11 had no measles vaccines. no records for the others. dr. karen smith at the church. >> this little guy presented to the clinics with textbook symptoms. and i didn't know enough to know that measles should be gone, so i tested him for it. >> a church visitor traveled overseas and returned handling nonvaccinated children in the on-site day care. >> so there's a possibility that any of you or your children have been exposed. >> terry is the church pastor and dr. of kenneth copeland. he's been critical of vaccines in the back suggesting a link to autism. >> you don't take the wor
inches of rain. we have a risk of strong storms from nebraska all the way into central texas. damaging winds, hail. could be isolated tornado or two. two. rest of the country you're going to see again sunshine here in the east. perfect weather into the new england. heat continues in the southwest. finally farming up in beautiful downtown burbank with a high of 88 degrees. yeah, i looked like that when i >>> oh, we love you, al. 8:07. taking a live look at what you can make outer hire in the city by the bay. plenty of low cloud cover, but i'm happy to report you're starting out the morning about 63 degrees in san francisco. and that means easily touching on the 70s, a lot of sunshine coming in by 10 a.m. 93 for livermore, 90 on the way to gillroy. pretty warm reading lining the peninsula, 84 for redwood city. getting into the next couple of days, temperatures stay nice and hot and then sunday into monday, the real heat kicks in. >>> that is your latest weather. >> okay, al, thanks. do you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare? you may need it if you're having kids. >>> and what e
from the northern plains right down into texas in the 90s to above 100 degrees and that is all going to spread eastward tomorrow. we are looking at sun in that same area except north dakota and northwestern minnesota where we could see really strong storms today, mostly hail and gusty winds and we are going to keep an eye out for some showers and pretty strong thunderstorms down across the gulf coast states in the northeast. it looks absolutely gorgeous with high pressure in control. temperatures should make it into the mid to upper 70s and, again, we are looking at more scattered showers and storms just east of the >>> good morning. at 6:04 taking a live look at san jose and the clear skies this morning and no worries and not that much fog at the golden gate. as a result, we are looking at the airport delays non-existent right now and that is good news if you are doing any flying to or from the city. temperatures in san francisco today, 65. and 76 in freemont, and 82 in san jose. and livermore, 86f. the heat is on for today with 90 in inland location. more fog tomorrow, and the temp
will be toasty from central texas into the central plains. excessive heat warnings and watches as well. 90s out through the west coast. look for a risk of strong storms in the northern plains today. wet weather around the >>> and we are seeing a sunny start in sunol, other places. we will see the hottest temperatures around the bay area this afternoon, likely approaching the mid-90s there 93, livermore and around pleasanton, 92, concord. 85, san jose, low 70s closer to san francisco and 80s across the north bay, see temperatures cooling this weekend as the seabreeze turns stronger around the interesting time period to watch, sunday into monday, a few extra clouds, a chance of some mountain showers early next week. >>> that's your latest weather back to matt and tamron. >> coming up on trending, the selfie craze makes it's way to the vatican. >> got to love it. >> and how facebook's oldest user got a new car from a mystery man. >> and we're here with chris brown fans, they gave you something. >> they gave it to me and asked me to give it to chris brown. i will do so. chris brown will perform fir
here in texas. eight people shot, four of them kimmed. two of the fatalities were found in the suburban home behind me. that's where police say the gunman murdered his ex-girlfriend after he apparently first tossed some sort of explosive device in there. we're told when police arrived, the suspect actually pretended to be among the injured. police have identified that suspect as erby bowser. he is at the police department now. before he got to this home, he stopped at another home in south dallas, where he thought his ex-girlfriend was. she wasn't there. but that did not stop him from shooting four people, killing two. among the injured this morning, amy, a 13-year-old and 11-year-old boy. >> what a sad, sad story. ryan owens. thank you so much. >>> a terrifying scene at a fair in minnesota, after a rodeo bull broke loose. a family with young children, as you might imagine, running for their lives. 8 people were injured when a 1,200-pound bull escaped its pen. it was on the run for 15 minutes before it was finally and thankfully captured. >>> overnight, we learned another major bank, jp
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've traveled many places with my teams. we've been to oklahoma, texas for nationals. recently i went for the all-america game. after that we went to bogota, columbia, and we won our gold medal there. >> as she winds down her high school career, lauren is ready for the next chapter of her life which will play out in oklahoma. >> i will be attending university of oklahoma. i got a full ride there. i'm looking to go into broadcast journalism. i'm so excited for it. it's going to be a lot different than orange county, california, but i'm ready for that change. >> i think that lauren is a young icon because of her success so far. she's a great example. and i think that if any young person could be in her shoes, they would absolutely know where they're at. >> i would say i'm a role model basically because of the way i carry myself. i am respectful. i am proactive about life. i want to get the best out of life and myself. i push other people to be their best. >> i think the thing that makes me proud of lauren as a person is her ability at a young age to handle all the pressure and attention
a ball, fell to his death in texas, in front of his young son. this morning, the question being raised once again, should stadiums build higher railings or nets to protect fans? or would that compromise those sweeping, unobstructed views of the field that today's fans now demand? cannot say it enough. take great care in the upper decks. as for last night's fall in atlanta, police say the victim was 29 years old and from the atlanta metropolitan area. >>> overnight, a gas pipeline explosion in western illinois. you see it here. sending flames towering into the air. it take emergency crews several hours to shut off the gas line. nearby residents had to be evacuated. no injuries have been reported. no word as to what caused the explosion. >>> here in new york, mayor michael bloomberg says he will appeal a federal judge's ruling that found the nypd's stop and frisk policy compromised the rights of thousands of minorities. the mayor said the policy helped save thousands of lives by removing guns from the streets. but the judge ruled the tactics unfairly targeted black and hispanic men. >>>
we're looking at some heat in texas on into the mid-mississippi river valley. 90s in interior sections of the southwest. some showers making their way from northeast new england on into the ohio valley. monsoonal moisture into the >>> 8:08 only a thursday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are warming up nicely. we are at 64 right now in sunnyvale. 61, san jose, 61 to kick off the day in livermore. as we take you through the hour by hour changes, about 77 in livermore, 65 in oakland. so, running about three to five degrees cooler this afternoon. also, you will probably notice less humidity out there, so it feels more true to the temperatures that we are accustomed to here in the bay area this time of year. hold onto those norms as we get into the upcoming weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right. al, thanks so much. more new of our exclusive conversation with california kidnapping survivor hannah anderson as she speaks out for first time. nbc's national correspondent kate snow is out in san diego. good morning again. >>
after a 2009 shooting rampage at ft. hood, texas. the sentencing will be appealed. caught on camera a massive land slide in southern china brings traffic to a halt. looked like a waterfall as it cascaded on the busy highway below. the landslide took out part of a communications station. cars lined up for nearly two hours as drivers waited to go around. officials say heavy rain is to blame for with what you are seeing. to wall street, let's check in with courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. investors are weighing speeches, stronger second quarter growth and fewer filings. many believe the strike is eminent. traders are concerned about spill over affecting the supply of oil from neighboring middle eastern countries. tamron. >> all right. thank you. and get ready to meet perhaps the bravest dog on the planet or maybe didn't know better. take a look. this is buford, an alaskan , with no fear. here you can see buford squaring off against an adult polar bear. a news photographer from the affiliate captured this while working on a story about polar bear viewing. those wh
) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ music playing ] >> we're from katy, texas. >> it'sy birthday. >> and we're spending it with the "today" show. >> we love the "today" show. >> hey mom in pennsylvania. >> i'm spending my first day of retirement on the "today" show. >>> well, thank you for spending your day with us. 8:00 now on a monday morning. it's the 12th of august, 2013. nice start to the week for the folks at rockefeller plaza. but looking at the grey skies above, we may see rain later tonight. i'm san van guthrie along side david gregory. matt has morning off today but you were saying hello to the nice folks in rehabilitation center -- in rockefeller plaza. >> it's nice and cool. >> i don't think there will be rain later. >> you don't forecast a bad hair day. >> no. >> coming up on trending, nobody would want to get fired. can you imagine if your boss decided to let you go and fire you on the spot while 1,000 coworkers were listening in on a conference call. >> the circumstances are interesting there. and more on our on going series, the art of -- this morning
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